Thursday, November 3, 2016


The ornaments were handcrafted by Paula Musselman and are beautiful.  The pictures do not do them justice.  Please note that some have the black band and others a tan band.  Please allow us to choose based on availability of a limited quantity.  If you purchase more than one, we will send two colors if available.  Add some Welshie sparkle to your tree this year or an individual stand for display throughout the year.     $20 each, includes shipping


Paolo Prossen’s design for the 2016 Stink Eye tee shirts has also been used to create a beautiful print. This is a signed, including his mark, limited edition of 100 prints. The third picture shows it framed. A standard 11 x 14 framed was used with a precut mat. Therefore, you could enjoy this print without spending a lot more for matting and framing.    $45 each, includes shipping


Seminar Booklets

The 2016 Stink Eye included a seminar providing information on several issues important to many Welshie owners.  Information included was Health Issues, specifically Thyroid and Toxins.  Activities to keep your Welshie active such as Performance and Grooming Tips are also included.  Booklets of about 150 pages were developed for the participants.  This booklet is now available.
$25 each, includes shipping


2016 Stink Eye Bags

Gift Bags

The beautiful art work of Paolo Paussen also embelished the 2016 Stink Eye gift bags and are now available.    $15 each, includes shipping



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016 Stink Eye T-Shirt

Is full color, Limited Edition, Designed by Paolo Prossen
Paolo is also a Lover of Welsh Terriers

NOTE: Small  and Medium - SOLD OUT
If ordering 3XL please email
to ensure availability

T-Shirt Prices
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$35 (includes shipping)
$58.75 for 2  (includes shipping)
International shipping available upon request

Limited quantities Available